Masters of Architecture
New York, NY

Design Studio 10 | Fall 2018

Faculty: Jaime Canaves


Working together with 14 other students in the studio, this project sought out to create a network of buildings set side by side along a very long and narrow site in South Miami. Each student was tasked with creating a building with  a unique program which complimented those of the students around them. People can walk freely along paths which weave through the buildings.


Because each building shares 2 facades with its neighbors, Creating a central courtyard was essential to maximize natural light. The inclusion of trees and greenery throughout the project create outdoor shading and create a cooling effect in exterior areas, inviting people to spend a greater amount of time in unconditioned spaces.


The 5 story project features multiple cafe / restaurant spaces, areas for retail, exterior courtyards, rooftop terraces, and 2 floors of office space.