Masters of Architecture
New York, NY

Design Studio 7 | Summer 2017

Faculty: Thomas Spiegelhalter


The project featured was designed after a study abroad trip to Tokyo, Japan. In the High density Shinjuku neighborhood of Tokyo, a pavilion was to be designed to represent an assigned brand. The pavilion needed to serve as both a beacon of the city and a pedestrian bridge to help people navigate around the busy streets of Shinjuku.


In order to best represent the brand Puma and its affinity for technology driven design, a sleek organic contemporary shape was chosen for the pavilion. Large openings in the form allow for light to penetrate despite the density of the surrounding city. Exposing stainless steel structural ribs emphasize a high tech appearance for the brand.


The 2 Story pavilion features both interior and exterior spaces designated for a variety of different uses. Some possibilities include a running track on the second floor, and interior retail spaces on the bottom level. The entire pavilion also serves as a pedestrian bridge to allow people to safely cross the busy streets.