Masters of Architecture
New York, NY

Deluxe Modular | Summer 2019

Supervisor: Spencer Alexander

Dream Homes

Deluxe Modular established a Dream Home program in which the company would offer 50 separate home designs available to be purchased for modular construction at our factory. The projects were to be schematically designed and to be further developed upon interest from a customer. Those featured are ones which I was able to design.

Conference Room

During my time at Deluxe, the NYC office moved and was in need of a new conference room. I was tasked with putting together the set for its construction. The samples featured are extracted from the completed drawing set

Modular Marriott

Our company was approached by the Marriott Hotels brand and was asked to work with them to possibly build their hotels modularly in the future. I was tasked with putting together a set for a sample of a single hotel room built on an existing modular box leftover from a previous project. Much care was taken to ensure that the sample met Marriott quality standards, as well as incorporated the proper finishes and furnishings used in Marriott Hotels. The samples featured are extracted form the completed drawings set.