Masters of Architecture
New York, NY

Comprehensive + IBS | Summer 2018

Faculty: Juan Alayo


Comprehensive studio and Integrated building systems are separate classes taken together which ask students to design a building and include all of its working systems. The building was to be located in Miami’s Overtown; a historically black neighborhood whose residents are beginning to be displaced by rapid gentrification. Students were to design a building for the working class families who are finding it increasingly challenging to find an affordable place to live.


By incorporating personal terraces into every unit, the building emphasizes the idea that every individual deserves access to outdoor space. The inclusion of a large public courtyard, library, gym and other amenities, a sense of community is created among the building’s residence, strengthening the health of the neighborhood at large. Each unit of the building features expansive amounts of glass and a narrow section to promote natural light and cross ventilation. 


The 8 story project features 58 affordable housing units, a multipurpose ground floor with two lobbies and retail spaces, a large central courtyard, smaller courtyards on each floor, a gym, library and parking for 90 cars.